You are a curvaceous 16-year old and you happen to stumble upon a Cosmopolitan magazine in your sister’s bedroom.You initially browse through absent-minded looking through the fashion trends of the day and you come across an advertisement looking for models.Your heart beat races. The idea of all your friends seeing you on at least one of these magazines, even if it’s not the cover is exhilarating. Then you doubt yourselfCan you really pull it off? We see the one who make it but never see the ones who fail. As a male photographer in Toronto I have had the privilege of seeing models who I never really thought would make it, blow up overnight. Back in 2015 I was a poor businessman with lofty ambitions, but little cash. I spent a lot of time in and out of homeless shelters in Toronto despite having been raised in an affluent family, What can I say, bad investments.


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