Bubezi isa 6 hectare farm close to the town of Kayanza, and the nearby Mpanga washing station. Coffee on the farm is grown at approximately 1680 masl in volcanic soil. Once coffee is harvested between the months of March and July, it is transported to the Mpanga mill where it is processed. The fully washed method at Mpanga consists of a standard 13 hour fermentation period, at which point theparchment is moved to raised beds and piled in pyramids - a practice fairly common in Burundi, but not used in other coffee producing countries. It is allowed to dry for between 20 and 22 days, depending on the weather.The flavour profile from the Kayanza region in Burundi is similar in a lot of ways to the southern Rwandan coffees like Huye Mountain. In fact, Huye Mountain is only about 60 miles from the Kayanza village, as the crow flies.


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